Wizard’s First Rule – Book Review



Wizard’s First Rule

Series: Sword of Truth #1

Format: Kindle

Rating: 4 stars

Synopsis: (Taken from Goodreads) Richard Cypher’s decision to help a woman in the Upper Ven near the Boundary between the Midlands and Westlands creates more trouble than first appears. The woman, Kahlan Amnell, brings with her dark news from the other side of the Boundary: Darken Rahl, Ruler of D’Hara, has brought down the Boundary between D’Hara and the Midlands.

This menacing ruler continues his dead father’s quest for control by pressing war on the now vulnerable Midlands. Kahlan is attempting to find the great wizard who left the Midlands for the Magic-free Westlands due to the corruption of the government in his eyes, so as to have him name a Seeker of Truth. The great wizard turns out to be Zeddicus Zu’l Zorrander, Richard’s longtime friend, who then proceeds to name Richard the Seeker.

Review: Great book, not so “epic” fantasy. While I enjoyed this book, and will most likely pick up the next one in the series at some point, it did not live up to my expectations for the epic fantasy genre. With a book of this length, Goodkind should have been able to do way more. It seemed as though the plot was being made up as the book progressed. Although some parts were slightly shocking, most remained obvious as to what would happen. Also seemed kind of random at some points.

The book was still well written, moving from fun fantasy (wizard’s crazy eating habits) to dark fantasy (torture scenes) quickly. Reading this novel was fun as it was a little more lighthearted than many fantasy novels. I felt as if I was going along on this magical journey with the characters. Sadly, at some points it felt as if this journey would have no end. This book could definitely have 100 or more pages cut out of it, at no loss to the general storyline. Goodkind was trying to fit in a few too many of his ideas into a single novel.

I gave this book 4 stars because even with its faults, I still had a good time reading it. When I am looking for a light fantasy read, I will pick up the second book and see how Goodkind does in the continuation of his story. I suggest this book only to lovers of fantasy who have no problem breezing though a large book. If you are new to the fantasy genre this is not the place to start. I would suggest Brandon Sanderson, George R.R. Martin, or Michael J. Sullivan in that case.

If anyone has continued in this series, feel free to leave a comment as I would love to hear if the next books are worth the time.

Check out Wizard’s First Rule and give it a read!



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9 thoughts on “Wizard’s First Rule – Book Review

  1. I’ve read the whole series. The books being longer than necessary definitely continues. I stuck it out because I really enjoyed some of the characters. If you look at the author’s website he’s super into Ayn Rand and the books get weirdly philosophical at points. I devour fantasy books in a day or two and I mostly enjoyed these novels, but I wouldn’t recommend them with the same passion as my favorites. Never ever watch the TV show. It’s painful.


  2. I loved this series so much that I actually purchased each volume as I read it from my local library, and then when my own copy arrived I read it again. I stumbled into the series at ‘Phantom’ and of course I had no idea if Kahlan really did exist at all, but I was hooked from there. Something in the imagery produced by the words in each novel really resonates with me. I reread the lot each year, along with The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.


  3. I loved Wizard`s First Rule. I couldn`t help feeling sorry for Richard when Denna came into his life.
    I was so hooked on this book that i finished it in a few days. I read the next 5 books too, but think the series lost something on the way so i didnt finish the series. (so far)


  4. I read the whole series too, but mainly because I was still stuck in a small town and I had read most if the rest of the fantasy. The first seven books were pretty good in a lot of ways. A lot of ways, truly, but after that it was… The word I keep coming up with is “preachy”. Also, and this is the primary reason why I don’t recommend them and will never read them again, Goodkind gets more and more rapey every book. Seriously, so many women get raped I was eventually like, “do you not know any other way to make someone evil and someone else vulnerable?” A writer with a rape crutch gets old really fast.


  5. I stopped reading after the third book Blood of the Fold. Goodkind has certain…beliefs that you start to see really shine through in the writing. Even regardless of that the antagonist of the story just seemed evil for the sake of being evil. Obviously just my opinion (and maybe there were more layers added to it in later novels), but that motif just didn’t set right with me. Darken Rahl had some layers to him. Even though he was obviously a force that needed quelling, you could see where his desires originated. Also the Mord-Sith. Goodkind did a fantastic job making me abhor them at the outset, but then cry about their plight later so I know he has the ability. The BotF antagonist seemed almost horrifyingly cartoonish in his over the top villainy. I also found the leader of the titular group off in ways I won’t spoil. It’s a paradigm GRRM has used as well, but Martin handled it better.


  6. However I quit reading with 2 books left. I felt like an unnecessary description of gruesome and horrific events became the focus. And it took over so much of the last couple of novels with the Emperor taking over that I just lost interest. I was disappointed because I really enjoyed the characters enough to have wanted to finish.

    I enjoyed your review! And def agree with Caitlin – DON’T WATCH IT! Ha!


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